Absolutely the best person you will ever deal with. Super friendly, always with a big smile, and really knows what he is doing. Trust me, once you have him taken photos of you, you will want more. Great service and always there for you when you need him. He worked with us on several projects including product pictures for promo and catalog. Very professional



I seriously don’t think I would want another photographer! Besides being a really nice family man, Kevin knows his stuff! He is very creative and puts together the best poses along with a variety of styles and backgrounds! You can tell immediately he has several years of experience! He can do this stuff with unique precision in his sleep, you will see what I mean when he takes a good photo and adds his ability to edit his surreal take on them. He was very professional, prompt, and there to get you the best quality outcome! I threw his pictures all over my website.

– Derek Ostovani – San Diego’s Favorite Magician


I Used Kevin’s services to shoot some fashion photos for a website. The photos came out very professional and made the website look very professional. He made everyone feel very comfortable and was very efficient. Kevin is very knowledgeable and accommodating, and he has all of the best equipment when it comes to the shoot and post. I should mention that taking photos is just one part of it and the post is the other part. Kevin’s experience in Hollywood VFX film has really transferred well to his post work. I have recommend him before and I will continue to recommend him.

– Pablo C. – Cinematic Supervisor – Sony Computer Entertainment America


I highly recommend Kevin and Golden-Moment Photography. Kevin’s talent lies in his understanding of light and composition. Having the best equipment doesn’t hurt either. He is very careful with light metering and color balance. So much so that I have found there is very little post processing necessary. Like a old-school film professional he gets the results right out of the camera. Composition is a skill that is half art and half theory. You can learn it, but the best artist have a instinct for what makes a great picture and emphasizes the subject without following strict rules. Kevin rules this domain. Check out some of his Comic Con pictures for examples. Making people comfortable and natural is perhaps his best talents. Children open up, adults have fun. It’s a great experience and the pictures show. There is nothing worse than a nervous and contrived smile.

James Y. – Cost Manager – Cumming Corporation


I had Kevin do some photography work for me and I have to say his studio made the process very easy. he is very knowledgeable and and has a good eye for photography. he was very accommodating to what I needed and it went off without a hitch. I would recommend him for any photography job.

– Joel B. – Senior Artist at Sony Entertainment America


Golden-Moment Photography is one of the best photography services I’ve worked with (and I have worked with quite a few). Kevin really knows his craft. His love for photography is apparent in his outstanding results. Kevin showed up on time for the shoot, and set up right away. He asked me what I type of shot I was looking for and knew right away how to achieve it. He made the process very easy (I hardly knew he was there), and enjoyable. Kevin is fun to be around but he is still able to maintain his professionalism. I received my shots immediately afterwards, and I’m more than amazed by the fantastic work. I will definitely recommend him to and I look forward to hiring him again!

– Chi N.

Kevin is the most approachable photographer that you will ever meet.  He is great with both traditional and experimental photography.  He is friendly, fun, and professional.  He strives for making the shoot fun and exciting for different situations.  I highly recommend Kevin for his work, and his works also speak for themselves.  I would gladly hire him again for my other projects.

– Eugene C.


Excellent photographer, Kevin have done some wonderful family portraits for us, and even came out to our kids birthday parties and captured great photos that will last a life time. Thanks Kevin for all the wonderful photo, they will be treasured forever.

– Nancy Y.


The best and the most natural pictures! Love all of the photos Kevin took for us, nothing but professional. He also works so fast you get your picture almost on the same day!! It’s amazing!

– Julie W.


I highly recommend Studio Wang Photography! They are very professional and have a warm and friendly environment that is welcoming for both adults and children.

– Scinde M.


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