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2699_149983855354_2361098_nKevin Wang‘s photographic journey started 10 years ago with a passion for telling stories through still imagery.  Kevin’s journey of life started earlier than that, being born and raised in Taiwan and enjoying the world through a little boy’s eyes.  Whether by choice or by luck, when he was older he moved to the western world, soaking in the culture and visuals of Costa Rica, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and most recently Los Angeles. After reaching Southern California, Kevin found his career in feature film and video games to coincide at times with his photographic passions; while on Beowulf (2007), he was privileged to work directly with the Director of Photography, absorbing decades worth of experience about photography and motion.  After contributing to films like Avatar (2009) and Monster House (2006), Kevin now resides in San Diego, working on the cinematic visuals that tell the stories of high profile video games and capturing the stories of real people through photography. His work was published by several magazines, included the re-launching of the GEEK magazine. Mark of excellence from the famous I-SHOT-IT photography competition.

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